The focus of my project was disability discrimination. The idea about disability discrimination came from seeing how my Nan and granddad have been discriminated against by the Department of Working Pensions, reducing their income. Thanks to the DWP’s new Atos assessment, many people who were perfectly eligible for income support, either has been taken off […]

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Poster Development

Poster 1: This was one of my original ideas for my final poster, which was purely a graphic design based outcome, using a simply the disability semiotic, framed with a border containing part of a strong message, to get people to realise that they are human being with feelings. This poster was designed to be […]

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Making of Social Action Sound Track

After watching the Mencap video of Casey Rochell, who created a beautiful electronic track, which completely destroyed the leading academic view in 1968, saying that down syndrome’s where not people, it inspired me to make my own track. I tried out the “Audio Tool”, getting to lean about how to use drum machines, synthesizers, filters […]

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Mencap Timeline

1946 – Where It All Began Mencap was established in 1946, by Judy Fryd, a mother of a child with a learning disability. It was originally called “The National Association of Parents of Backward Children”, before it became “Mencap”. Judy wrote to the “Nursery World” magazine, to highlight the unfairness of her daughter being sent […]

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Mencap Study

Mencap – Study  Mencap is organisation, which campaigns around the world to change societies attitudes towards people with learning disabilities,  aiming for them to be seen as equal, listened to and included, as other people. They are the leading voice of learning disability, valuing and supporting people with learning disabilities, as well as their families […]

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Clipping Mask Task

One of my workshops involved exploring the clipping mask function on Photoshop, to aid with shading and toning of drawings. Rather than do a drawing all in one shot, they showed me how a drawing can be done in layers, enabling you the freedom to move components of a drawing around, a freedom which you […]

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