Clipping Mask Task

One of my workshops involved exploring the clipping mask function on Photoshop, to aid with shading and toning of drawings. Rather than do a drawing all in one shot, they showed me how a drawing can be done in layers, enabling you the freedom to move components of a drawing around, a freedom which you don’t have when you doing the drawing in one shot. This is a new technique for me, as I am use to doing drawing the traditional way, not using digital software at all. It will be worth while learning and mastering software like Photoshop and Illustrator, as these can be handy tools in improving my drawing to look more professional, especially when it comes down to card design. I can do a pencil drawing, then scan it into Photoshop, where I can add colour layers for tonal effect, as well as tweak and darken the pencil drawing, for best effect.

Print Screen 1.jpg

These are the five scans for the drawing I want to create. I want to merge all these layers together, merging the disability sign with the brain, with the brain put in place over the portrait. The finalized drawing will be used in one of my poster experiments, raising awareness of the issue that not all disabilities are visible. The portrait looks like any other normal person, however, the brain is visible in the drawing with the disability sign engraved on the brain, but is not entirely visible. This was done to symbolize that disabilities are not always visible.

Print Screen 2.jpg

This was my main image, which I altered the contrast to make the lines bolder and darker, which which make life easier to remove the background for the clipping mask. Furthermore, I used the paint brush tool to paint over unwanted specks and dirt on the image, cleaning it up.

Print Screen 3.jpg

A clipping mask will be made from this image to create tonal variation.

Print Screen 4.jpg

I altered the contrast of the drawing of the brain, to make the lines stronger.

Print Screen 5.jpg

Editing of drawn disabled symbol, darken the shape, by altering the contrast.

Print Screen 6.jpg

This is a pencil chaotic version of the brain drawing, which will be merged with the brain drawing to create a great flare of energy.


First I used the magic wand to remove the infill from the main pencil drawing of the face, before patching up the image with the brush tool. I then removed the infill from the hair and shadow layer, using the magic wand. A new layer was created, placing a rectangle in the layer in the colour brown. I then selected that layer, right clicked and selected “Create Clipping Mask”. I then played with the filters to see which one looked the best, which was the “Lighten” Filter.


Using the magic wand tool to remove the infill, leaving just the outlines of the brain.


I want to make a clipping mask over the outlines of the brain, so I made a new layer above the brain layer. Then I placed a rectangle in the layer and coloured it a dark pink. The dark pink will contrast with the light peach of the energetic brain shading layer.


This is the result of the clipping mask, highlighting the outlines of the brain in a dark shade of pink.


Every new image I put into Photoshop has to be “Rasterized” before I can do any form of editing to it. Next, the infill around the energetic brain shading layer will be highlighted using the magic wand tool, then deleted.


I added a clipping mask over the energetic brain shading layer. I used a lighter shade of pink and applied the “Lighten” filter to the mask, which when combined with the outline of the brain, will look very dynamic.image-8

This is the final layer I want to incorporate, to position the disabled semiotic over the brain layer. I first need to remove the infill, using the magic wand tool.


I made a clipping mask overlay for the disabled semiotic. I chose a light shade of pink, as i want the disabled semiotic to blend in slightly with the colour of the brain, making it less obvious. I did this to put an emphasis on the fact that not all disabilities are always visible.


Here you can see how the disability semiotic is not very clear, which is helping getting across my message. I personally find that the drawing looks very dynamic and am impressed with how Photoshop has enhanced more drawing to another level. I never thought that to try creating a drawing in segments, than just in one hit. I certainly want to learn more about Photoshop, as well as Illustrator and In Design, so that I can step up the quality of my drawings and other future work.


I made one final tweak, choosing a lighter pink for the outlines of the brain. as the dark pink was too overpowering.


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