Making of Social Action Sound Track

After watching the Mencap video of Casey Rochell, who created a beautiful electronic track, which completely destroyed the leading academic view in 1968, saying that down syndrome’s where not people, it inspired me to make my own track. I tried out the “Audio Tool”, getting to lean about how to use drum machines, synthesizers, filters and effects, to create a beautiful tune of my own, getting across my message  on disability discrimination. I decided on my message to be “Not every disability is visible. You can not judge a man or woman by their appearance, as after all, they are human beings with feelings like you and me”. I was originally going to record my voice, but as I have a bad lisp and not a good microphone, I decide to find a voice generator that sounds as natural as possible. I went on “” where I typed in my message, selected UK English “Harry”, which was generated into speech that I downloaded and put into my audio track. The song did take a lot of tweaking, to get it sounding right, but now it is complete and promotes my message well.


This is my track layout, using three Synthesizers, one Machiniste,  one Centroid,  three Reverbs, one Phaser, one Pitch Delays, one Slope,  two Stereo Detuners, one Minimixer, two Graphical Equalizers, one Auto Filter, two Parametric Equalizers, one Tube as well as a Compressor.

You can listen to my track by clicking on this link.


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