Email To Partner GLOBI

I sent an email to partner GLOBI, who was an organisation that fights against disability discrimination. I talked about my disability and asked the big question, “How are you promoting change?. I am happy to see that they emailed me back, giving details about there organisation, saying what they do and how the are promoting […]

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Artist Research

Matt Dorfman Matt Dorfman is an American illustrator, who works as an Art Director at The New York Times Book Review. His work has both an element of illustration and graphic design, which can make it hard for people to distinguish whether he was the illustrator or designer in the project, or even both. Dorfman […]

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Case Study Two

Man with M.E. describes his £2k Atos out-of-court settlement | Welfare News Service | 12 April 2013 From the Welfare News Service website, 12 April 2013. Letters: Atos In £2k Disability Discrimination Settlement I’m a 20+ years moderate to severely affected ME sufferer. Atos Healthcare have paid out £2,000 + costs (in the process of being finalised) […]

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Case Study One

DWP Lose Again: Atos Assessments Do Discriminate Says Appeal Court Posted on December 4, 2013 by johnny void | 121 Comments This follows an earlier decision by the Upper Tribunal in January that the Work Capability Assessment – the notorious computer based test which has led to hundreds of thousands of claimants declared ‘fit for work’ – substantially disadvantaged those with […]

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Disability Discrimination

It is against the law to discriminate against people  with any form of disability in various areas of their lives. However, it still unfortunately happens, even with government run agencies like the DWP (Department of Working Pensions). There are two types of discrimination, which are Direct Discrimination and Indirect Discrimination. Direct discrimination is where you […]

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